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often is a webring for online journals that update almost daily.

In fact, they update frequently regularly incessantly repeatedly perpetually habitually customarily constantly continually abundantly recurringly persistently consistently unrelentlessly dependably reliably infallibly indubitably inevitably often.

And they update with entries of substantial length.

So how often is often, and how substantial is substantial?

an average of 20 entries a month
no more than two periods of 4 days or more without an entry per month

no more than 5 entries a month under 200 words
or at least 20 entries a month of over 200 words (new as of Feb 98)


Quantity isn't quality, frequency isn't quality. Let's get that straight right now. So why dedicate a journal web ring to these things?

Well, because sometimes you've hit all your favorite journals and either read their latest or their authors seem to be missing in action. You find some new ones that interest you but they don't update that often either. You need your daily fix.

That's what often brings you. Journals you can count on to provide you with fresh new entries, often.

Some of the "finest" journals qualify, some of them don't. Quality is such a hard thing to define. But quantity is, so, well, quantifiable.

So here they are.

often: almost daily journal entries
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